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Air Bag Machine and Film

♦ Air pocket mainly used in e-commerce industry for void filling and protection purpose

♦ High micron film to enhance its protectivity on goods

♦ Offer Rent / Buy option for the device

  Airbag Packaging Brochure

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Order No. Picture Description Dimension Price (RM) per Bundle Qty / Bundle Add To Cart
AB120 Film (Pillow-Pouch) 120mmx200mmx700mtr 290.00270.00250.00240.00230.00 1 roll
AB200 Film (Square-Pouch) 200mmx200mmx700mtr 290.00270.00250.00240.00230.00 1 roll
AB280 Film (Bubble) 400mmx280mmx400mtr 320.00300.00280.00270.00260.00 1 roll
AB260 Film (16-Cells) 400mmx260mmx400mtr 320.00300.00280.00270.00260.00 1 roll
AP600G AirBag Packaging System (Industrial) 400x165x310mm 4900.004900.004900.004900.004900.00 1 unit
LS10 Airbag Packaging System (Econ) 480x270x360mm 2150.002150.002150.002150.002150.00 1 unit
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