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Air Tube Roll

♦ Inflatable tube rolls are use to pack extremely fragile product, e.g. metal can, glass bottle and etc.

♦ Easily inflated by using manual or electrical air pump as when as you need.

♦ Savings in storage space.

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Order No. Picture Description Dimension Price (RM) per Bundle Qty / Bundle Add To Cart
2012-ATR Air Tube in Rolls (200) 150mx200mm 210.00192.00178.00165.00154.00 1 roll/BDL
2015-ATR Air Tube in Rolls (300) 150mx300mm 259.00237.00219.00203.00190.00 1 roll/BDL
2013-ATR Air Tube in Rolls (400) 150mx400mm 285.00261.00241.00224.00209.00 1 roll/BDL
2014-ATR Air Tube in Rolls (600) 150mx600mm 396.00363.00336.00312.00291.00 1 roll/BDL
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