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♦ Eco-Friendly and Recyclable

♦ Versatile for Shopping, Storage, and Gifting

♦ Stylish and Customizable for Branding

♦ Affordable Cost-Effective Alternative to Plastic

♦ Durable and Strong for Products/Gifts

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Order No. Picture Description Dimension Price (RM) per Bundle Qty / Bundle Add To Cart
9006-PBG Paper Bag (WINE) 120x83x368mm 23.0021.0020.0019.0018.00 10 pcs
9007-PBG Paper Bag (A5) 178x76x254mm 20.0018.0017.0016.0015.00 10 pcs
9003-PBG Paper Bag (A4) 226x70x320mm 22.0020.0019.0018.0017.00 10 pcs
9018-PBG Paper Bag (CANS) 245x125x280mm 28.0026.0024.0023.0022.00 10 pcs
9004-PBG Paper Bag (A3) 429x125x328mm 31.0029.0027.0025.0024.00 10 pcs
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