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Mailing Box

Die-Cut boxes suitable for mailing small item parts with top cover closure.

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Order No. Picture Description Dimension Price (RM) per Bundle Qty / Bundle Add To Cart
1111-MBX Mailing Box (Tuck On) 170x102x42mm 18.0017.0017.0016.0015.00 10pcs
1128-MBX Mailing Box (Jar-S) 205x85x90mm 33.0031.0028.0027.0026.00 10pcs
1107-MBX Mailing Box (Tuck On) 215x150x55mm 23.0021.0019.0018.0017.00 10pcs
1102-MBX Mailing Box (Tuck On) 220x115x55mm 31.0029.0028.0026.0025.00 10pcs
1120-MBX Mailing Box (CP) 220x220x125mm 54.0052.0048.0044.0042.00 10pcs
1113-MBX Mailing Box (Tuck On) 250x190x90mm 40.0038.0035.0033.0032.00 10pcs
1106-MBX Mailing Box (Tuck On) 255x185x70mm 34.0032.0031.0029.0027.00 10pcs
1118-MBX Mailing Box (Shoe-S) 280x160x100mm 43.0040.0037.0034.0033.00 10pcs
1116-MBX Mailing Box (Tuck On) -A4 313x213x115mm 55.0052.0049.0045.0043.00 10pcs
1117-MBX Mailing Box (Shoe-L) 330x200x130mm 55.0052.0048.0045.0042.00 10pcs
1127-MBX Mailing Box 345x295x94mm 40.0037.0034.0033.0031.00 10pcs
1122-MBX Mailing Box (VG3) 360x340x140mm 62.0059.0054.0050.0048.00 10pcs
1119-MBX Mailing Box (WINE) 380x115x115mm 53.0050.0047.0044.0041.00 10pcs
1104-MBX Mailing Box (Tuck On) 380x380x50mm 31.0029.0028.0026.0025.00 10pcs
1105-MBX Mailing Box (Tuck On) 383x293x50mm 27.0026.0024.0023.0021.00 10pcs
1123-MBX Mailing Box (VG4) 460x380x185mm 46.0044.0041.0038.0036.00 5pcs
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