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♦ Multi-purpose and flexible foam which able to protect
product from multiple drops.

♦ Can be easily cut and joint 
by using hot melt glue to
protect your product in place.

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Order No. Picture Description Dimension Price (RM) per Bundle Qty / Bundle Add To Cart
5020-PEF PE Foam Sheet 1mx1mx12mm 15.0014.0014.0013.0012.00 1 pc/BDL
5018-PEF PE Foam Sheet 1mx1mx25mm 28.0027.0025.0024.0022.00 1 pc/BDL
5019-PEF PE Foam Sheet 1mx1mx50mm 41.0039.0037.0035.0033.00 1 pc/BDL
5021-PEF PE Foam Roll 10mx1mx2mm 20.0018.0017.0017.0016.00 1 roll/BDL
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