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Poly Mailers

♦ Poly Mailers are water resistant, light-weight and tear resistant.

♦ Suitable for non-fragile product and saves shipping cost.

♦ Choice with and without outside pocket to insert consignment note.

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Order No. Picture Description Dimension Price (RM) per Bundle Qty / Bundle Add To Cart
8030-PCP Courier Bag with Pocket (PJ8) 180x260mm 18.0017.0016.0015.0014.00 50pcs/bundle
8031-PCP Courier Bag with Pocket (PJ9) 260x330mm 26.0024.0022.0021.0020.00 50pcs/bundle
8032-PCP Courier Bag with Pocket (PJ10) 310x440mm 36.0033.0031.0029.0028.00 50pcs/bundle
8025-PCB Courier Bag w/o pocket (PJ6) 368x483mm 46.0042.0039.0037.0035.00 50pcs/bundle
8026-PCB Courier Bag w/o pocket (PJ7) 483x610mm 62.0057.0052.0050.0047.00 50pcs/bundle
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